About Us


International Design Firm
YORAM PONY LTD is an International Industrial Design and award-winning Firm Based in Israel, since 1994.
With more than 30 years of design and production experience, we are dedicated to the development of beautiful and functional products through the practice of extraordinary Industrial design, product engineering, and UX/UI design. Our multidisciplinary expert team of designers and engineers have an obsessive eye for detail and a culture for developing insanely cool and highly technical products.
We work with the highest standards of development, product design, through creative thinking and constant support to the customer from the first meeting until the end of the production phase.
We open minded, always learning, ask the right questions and not take anything for granted, in order to continue stretch boundaries with our daring approach and progressive, futuristic ideas. We take advantage of the latest technologies and materials to deliver ground-breaking products.
We are ready to collaborate on a new and interesting project.
During Yoram’s 30 years as an independent
designer & developer of industrial products, he acquired vast knowledge of progressive
materials and technologies.
Yoram is a Senior Lecturer in Industrial Design department at the Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem for more than 25 years.

One of our principle

We always keep in mind that our client knows his market best, and make a great effort to combine his knowledge of the specific market with our design & production skills.

Our advantages

Total personal involvement at all stages
Collaborative work method
A methodological design process based on vast experience in industry and academia
Extensive experience in creating cutting-edge designs that meet the latest industry standards and technology
User-centered design approach
Strong attention to details
Timely delivery
Let’s make something great together
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