MPCHECK is at the forefront of innovation in medical testing, offering tailored services that leverage advanced technologies. The company’s mission is to bring personalized medical testing services directly to the customer’s environment, making advanced diagnostics more accessible and friendly.
the challenge
The user experience is central to our design and development process. The new site must facilitate seamless interaction with a wealth of content, ensuring accessibility and speed. Our goal is to create a smooth and intuitive experience that builds confidence in the product and emphasizes the professionalism of the company, which distinguishes itself in a competitive market with its innovative product and service.
UX/UI expertise
Our experience as industrial designers led the team to a proactive design approach with user-focused insights. We started with a comprehensive flow chart to guide the sitemap design. By testing early prototypes with users, we identified potential issues at the outset. This user-centric approach ensures that we meet the needs and preferences of our target audience from the beginning.
development process
Following the characterization of the initial site, we developed several models of the design and flow. These were refined based on insights from user research, allowing us to fine-tune and refine the user experience effectively.
Design process
Our design process must lead to a product with a contemporary look that fits the brand. We worked hard to create a distinct and modern visual language that aligns with the brand’s values. With the help of 3D icons, vibrant colors and carefully selected animations, we created a design that improves the user experience and strengthens the company’s message intending to design a unique presence in the market.
The final site
The result is a dynamic and fresh website that presents the offer of MPCHECK in a professional, advanced and contemporary way. It embodies the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation and presents its content in a clear and advanced way.
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