Treatment chair for Proton therapy
P-CURE proudly introduces a groundbreaking patient-centric proton therapy solution that delivers both clinical efficacy and financial benefits. At the heart of our innovation lies the Treatment Chair- an absolute game-changer that seamlessly designed to move towards the radiation nozzle.
The Challenge
An immense in designing a chair for cancer treatment using proton radiation. We envisioned a chair that could effortlessly transition between three pivotal positions: semi-standing, sitting, and lying. This dynamic adaptability enables the system to administer the most accurate treatment across various treatment areas.
Our commitment to individualized care led to a chair that can be meticulously adjusted to each patient’s unique measurements. The goal was to provide stability, minimizing any inadvertent movement during treatment, as even slight shifts can compromise treatment quality and potentially harm adjacent organs.
Our development process involved designing and constructing numerous physical models. This approach aimed to achieve anthropometric precision, incorporating the essential requirement of three positions: semi-standing, sitting, and lying. The objective was to create a chair that ensures patient safety while optimizing treatment efficiency.
We explored a range of materials and ultimately selected carbon for its radiation transparency and compatibility with proton therapy. The meticulous testing of various carbon-based compositions guaranteed that treatment quality would not be compromised.
In the design approach for this unique product, our emphasis was on instilling a sense of stability and security for the patient. This vision manifested in the floating appearance of the chair, combining an aesthetic with unwavering stability. The design lines and hollow areas were strategically integrated to convey a sense of confidence and a sense of a stable position on the chair.
Our engineering efforts encompassed an extensive and intricate planning process for production. This included the creation of models and computer analyses to rigorously test the chair’s strength and stability. The production process incorporated special molds and intricate laying processes for the carbon fabrics.
The culmination of our endeavors is an ergonomic and innovative treatment chair—customized for individual users. made from composite materials tailored to the rigors of treatment conditions, this chair ensures precise and accurate treatment, marking a significant advancement in proton therapy solutions.
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