Venus Concept

Epileve Tui

Epileve Tui
tangible and digital interface
The products and with them the interfaces are becoming more and more digital, we have become accustomed to using touch screens and activating intangible interfaces by moving the finger. Using intangible interfaces darkens the physical feeling and the physical feedback, by using physical interfaces we return the control and the feeling while activating the interfaces. The unique interface we developed combines a tangible physical interface with complex digital interfaces. The combination provides a broad response to a wide variety of applications.
The innovation
The product is an innovative product that upgrades the familiar interfaces and enables easy and convenient access to complex interfaces.
The Challenge
To develop an innovative product that can be integrated into any touch screen by attaching it using a special optical adhesive and that creates a unique and professional user experience.
UX/UI Design Journey
Together with the physical product we developed and designed the digital user to create a comprehensive and unified solution.
The experience of using and designing the screens and the digital interface maximizes the connection between the two interfaces and enables quick, convenient and more accurate access to all parameters.
The process included a large number of three-dimensional and two-dimensional models in which different design approaches were tested. The many models have been tested among users.
In order to design a desirable and unique product, different materials and finishes were tested to produce a pleasant grip and a multi-sensory experience.
A unique tangible and digital interface that combines the digital world with the physical world in an innovative way.
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