medical cannabis delivery system
In a world where the potential of medical cannabis opens up new horizons, we are happy to
participate in the development process of RELEAF – a groundbreaking device, carefully designed for
precise and optimal delivery of cannabis oil. The device works to heat and vaporize cannabis oil,
which is transferred to the floor of the brain via the olfactory nerve and the nasal cavity.
RELEAF is based on a revolutionary approach to treatment that is both effective and safely
The innovation
RELEAF is an innovative device that vaporizes cannabis oil to the floor of the brain at a precise
temperature. The treatment lasts 15 minutes each time.
The Challenge
Develop and design a device for home care, including a sophisticated UX/UI design.
to stabilize an exact temperature as required.
Since this treatment method is unique and innovative, it was necessary to accompany the formal
development with a lot of analysis in order to lead the user to friendly and intuitive use in all phases
of operation and care.
UX/UI Design Journey
Navigating the complexities of the treatment method required a thorough understanding. We have
carefully presented each step of the operation process on the screen, which allows a smooth
transition between the steps. The representation of processes and time passages ensures a smooth
and fluid user experience, making the 15-minute treatment period tolerable and enjoyable.
Our journey included extensive modeling of the cannabis oil absorption process under various
conditions. pedantic tests of the conductive pipe characteristics were conducted to optimize the
conduction of oil vapors.
The result? Simple and easy-to-use UX/UI that improves the overall user experience.
Creating a comprehensive solution means delving into shapes, materials, colors, and graphic
language. The user's preferences played a central role, guiding us to a design that conveys reliability
and ensures a positive and pleasant interaction.
A unique and innovative therapeutic device that includes a digital interface that goes beyond
RELEAF provides precision in treatment and offers a peaceful and safe user experience.
Our commitment to clarity, reliability, and user-centered design is embodied in a tangible product
that relaxes and elevates the cannabis oil treatment experience to new heights.
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